Pole Dancing Universe brings to the US best pole dancers from around the world. Most of them have never had workshops on American soil before. Don’t miss your chance to learn from from the stars!

  Hanka Venselaar

Holland National Champion artistic poledance 2008

Vice national champion polefitness 2008

Benelux champion 2009

1st runner-up Poledance international Online Competition

Benelux Champion 2010

PoleArt 2010 finalist

Worlds 2010 semi-finalist

European Champion 2010

“I have been a competitive gymnast for over 14 years but in 2006 I found pole dancing and have been addicted to the pole from the start. I’ve loved the fact that I could use all my gymnastics skills in a completely new way, and I’ve loved the fact that nobody is looking for mistakes (which is the case in gymnastics). The audience simply wants to be entertained! I will always try to combine my dance, tricks and clothes with the music into a complete act.

When I teach I try to make a move challenging for everyone. I break down the moves in easier parts and preparation excercises for beginners, while I try to find difficult combinations for the more advanced students. ”


Gymnastics meets pole: poletricks and combo’s (2 hours)

Intermidiate/advanced level

In this workshop you will learn new tricks and combo’s to make the most out of your pole. Hanka is known for her daring tricks, and drops, using techniques from both gymnastics and chinese pole. You can bring your own favorite move and we will work on new and orginal combinations.

Price: $40

Private lesson: $55/hour

Semi-private lesson (two people): $70 


Michelle Stanek

USPDF Amateur Champion 2011

Polesque Champion

East meets West Pole Drama 1st Place


Flexibility and Floor work (2 hours)

In this workshop you will learn how to improve your flexibility, which is more and more necessary as the global level in pole dancing gets higher. Michelle will give you her secrets to stretch your legs, hips, back and shoulders having fun and working singularly or in pairs with and without a pole, in order to achieve the most challenging tricks with perfect lines and technique!

Moreover, a nice routine can become amazing if framed by a sensual flexy floorwork and Michelle is perfect to enhance your self confidence and give even a simple move a particular expressive touch!

Every level is welcome!!

Price: $40

Private lesson: $55/hour

Semi-private lesson (two people): $70

Rafaela Montanaro

Miss Pole dance Brazil 2009

Miss Pole Dance South America 2009

Best Tricks at Miss Pole Dance World 2010

3rd Place at Miss Pole Dance World 2010

Pole Fit Champion at International Pole Championship

Training for pole (2 hours, all levels)

Have you ever wondered why you can’t do a trick no matter what? It all comes

down to strength, flexibility and coordination. This class aims to help you

create a training program that will help you develop easier on the pole.

No matter what level of training you have, you can always get better. We’ll teach you how to work on your personal goals and difficulties. This class is suitable for polers of any level; we can work with very simple exercises, which anyone can start with, and with crazy challenging moves and inversions. We’ll approach theoretical knowledge in training methodology as well.

Please bring a notebook and pen.

Price: $40

Private lesson: $55/hour

Semi-private lesson (two people): $70



Carolyn Chiu

Yoga Pole (1 hour, all levels)

Yoga & Eastern Dance inspired pole workshop incorporates 3 different concepts: Tai Chi, Yoga and the Meditation Pole Come join Carolyn for this fun new fusion class and learn the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animal Poses on the ground and on the meditation pole!! These poses combine the disciplines of yoga while incorporating the breathing of tai chi. This fitness workshop is designed to improve students’ flexibility and vitality. In order to hold these poses on the ground and on the meditation pole, students must apply the habit of proper breathing. Especially with the more advanced poses on the meditation pole, students demonstrate grace and proper form.

Price $25

Timber Brown

Pole Jam with Timber Brown (1 hour, small group up to 8 people)

If you are curious about Chinesepole style, fitness, and technique then this is the workshop for you! Come join renowned Pole Artist and Performer Timber Brown in this unique Pole Jam opportunity. We will be working through specific skills together and as a group will research movement and vocabulary on the pole.

This opportunity is even more exciting as those participating in the Jam will be working on specialty designed and produced rubber coated poles. Pole artistry has a history that dates back hundreds of years and has produced all kinds of poles ranging from bamboo, hardwood, metal, plastic, etc…

Originally introduced by USA gymnast and Cirque du Soleil performer Michael Rice, for the last 12 years rubber coated poles have been the industry standard for pole performers. They have allowed artist to continue to raise the level of talent and skill in their performances while at the same time maintain a certain level of safety.

Take advantage of this opportunity to Jam with one of the best on equipment that is second to none.

WHAT TO WEAR: I wear 2 spandex long sleeved shirts, a pair of spandex pants and a pair of girls semi-stretchy jeans over those…and I still lose some skin. For this Jam you should wear stretchy, form fitting clothes. Long sleeves and long pants. Wallmart has the “Starter” brand of this type of clothing for cheap.

SHOES: I wear cheap, knock-off brands of what resemble “Converse” shoes that I buy from Target or Wallmart. For this Jam you should wear a low profile shoe with a low profile tread. The flatter the sole and the smaller the shoe the better. Pumas or Converse work great or a shoe similar with a minimalistic sole. Aqua Socks (Nike,Teva) are good also. Tennis shoes can work but will slightly hinder learning ability.

Time is short. Please show up dressed, warmed up, and ready to Jam!!!

“I went into Cirque School LA’s workshop co-taught by Steve Gale and Timber Brown with a very clear idea of what I wanted to learn — the terrifying but totally impressive ‘Fonji’. This move was practically impossible for me to learn on a metal pole, but Timber’s workshop broke it down in such a way that it seemed…well…actually do-able! A trick that was taking me weeks to get up the nerve to even attempt, I was able to do on the first try. There’s also something about the security of the rubber-coated pole and Timber’s assured spotting that made learning the Fonji – and a bunch of other very cool moves – easy, safe and very fun.”

Natasha Wang

2011 USPDF Champion

Price: $25 (only 2 pm class is available)

Maria Luz Escalante

Best Pole Dancer Argentina 2008

Miss Pole dance Argentina 2009

1st. Runner Up Miss Pole Dance South America 2009

1st Runner up Miss Pole dance World 2010

Finnalist Miss Pole Dance World 2011 Budapest, Hungary

Finnalist Pole Dancing Univers Denver Colorado

Finnalist I World Cup, Rio de Janeiro Brasil 2011

Finnalist Miss pole Dance Argentina 2011 November 2011

Finnalist Miss Pole Dnace South America 2011 November 2011

Tango Pole – 2 hours (For upper int. – adv. students)

Air transitions and tricks at stationary & spinning pole using an artistic, original and traditional way… with “THE TANGO´S PROP” Bring your own “chambergo” (tango´s hat or similar)… learn how to mix the style of Argentinian tango with the pole.

Price: $40

Private lesson: $55/hour

Semi-private lesson (two people): $70



Mattcrobat (Matt Martsols)

Kids Acro Pole class – spins and tricks (1 hour)

Suitable for elementary-middle school students

All proceeds from this workshop will go for a scholarship for Zoe Camposo Nelson, 11 years old pole performer from Ohio.

Price: $10





Jess Leanne Norris

Miss pole dance UK 2011

Handstands/ Inversions (2 hours)

It’s time to get comfortable being upside down!!! This workshop will teach you how to start incorporating inversions, handstands and forearm stands into your pole vocabulary/ technique. Basic handstands and forearm technique on and off the pole. This class is open to all levels.

Price: $40

Private lesson: $55/hour

Semi-private lesson (two people): $70


Schedule of the workshops:

Saturday:Michelle Stanek - Flexibity and floor work 9-11
Maria Luz Escalante – Tango Pole 11-15 – 1-15
Jess Leanne Norris - Handstands/Inversions 1-30-3-30



Matt Martsols – Kids Acro-pole 9-10

Hanka Venselaar – Gymnastics meets pole:tricks and combos 9-11

Rafaela Montanaro - Training for pole 11-15 – 1-15

Carolyn Chiu – Pole Yoga 1-30 – 2-30

Timber Brown – Pole Jam (Chinese pole basics) 2-3 and 3-4(sold out)

All adult workshops besides Timber’s Pole Jam will be held in Mile High Pole Club:

Mile High Pole Club | 10970 S. Parker Road | Unit A-2B | Parker, CO | 720-851-POLE (7653)

Timber’s Pole Jam will be held at the theater.



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